I could really use some major advice here.  We're so close to the finishing 
point on this project, and we're being held back by stupid printing problems...

We have to be able to print with no pop-up dialog boxes, and the choice of 
which printer to send the job to will be affected by the data (i.e. a client 
with reg-code X gets printed on printer-1 and a client with reg-code Y gets 
printed on printer-2.)

We have to automate this, because the temp-workers we hire can't be counted on 
to remember how do it correctly.

So...  Any ideas on how I can deal with this?  Should I dump Flash Player and 
switch to AIR?  Would that give me better control over the printing?  Can AIR 
actually do all that I'm asking for here?  What will switching to AIR mean for 
accessing our data from our ColdFusion/SQL server through https:, if anything?

Laurence MacNeill
Mableton, Georgia, USA

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