Thanks Alex. Is it possible to pop up a Flex Menu on right click
(without adding JS code and preventing event defaults etc)?

Even if I can't check the context menu item, any way of highlighting it
(making the text bold or using an icon) would be great with me. All I
need is some way to indicate that this is the currently selected item to
the user. Is this possible?






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running in Web (not AIR)



AFAIK there is no way to do that.  Some folks add a context menu item
that pops up a regular Flex menu with checkboxes.  It is two steps, but
that is the only way.

On 8/30/10 7:20 AM, "pearlnferns" <> wrote:

        Hi all,
        I have a context menu to which I have added context menu items
        runtime. I need to place a check mark next to the menu item that
        currently selected. Although Flex provides the 'checked'
property for
        a ContextMenuItem, this can be used only with AIR applications
and the
        app I'm working on is not an AIR app.
        Any suggestions on how this can be achieved?

Alex Harui
Flex SDK Team
Adobe System, Inc.

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