Flash.text.StyleSheet can do some limited parsing of .CSS.  You can then copy 
the values into a Flex CSSStyleDeclaration.

On 9/3/10 6:19 AM, "claudiu ursica" <the_bran...@yahoo.com> wrote:

Even when loaded run-time the css file comes compiled as a .swf. So what you 
are trying to achieve there is kind of impossible unless you can somehow 
compile the swf with PHP. Which I have not heard to be possible yet but maybe 
I'm mistaking.


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Subject: [flexcoders] External CSS file in Flex 4

Hi people,

i'm having some trouble while using the tag <fx:Style source="assets/mycss.css" 
/>. When I generate a release of my project, Flex 4 embed my CSS file into 
compiled application, while i want to use PHP to generate dynamic CSS based on 
the user configuration in database.

Is there any workaround i'm missing?

Thanks in advance,
Marco Lacava.

Alex Harui
Flex SDK Team
Adobe System, Inc.

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