Cairngorm 2.x is not officially supported anymore by Adobe. You'd be better of 
trying to move towards the Parsley framework (w/o) Cairngorm 3 libs. Or you can 
try a relatively new kid on the block Robotlegs.


From: pritesh_mics <>
Sent: Sun, September 5, 2010 12:30:56 PM
Subject: [flexcoders] Cairngorm 2.2.1 with Flex 4

Hi All,

I am using Cairngorm 2.2.1 with Flax-4, m getting an runtime error:

TypeError: Error #1006: getResourceBundle is not a function.
at com.adobe.cairngorm::CairngormError$cinit() 
at global$init()
at  RemoteObjects/getService()

On some investigation I came to know that Cairngorm 2.2.1 not supports Flex-4, 
Can any one help me ?

Furthermore, I am a beginner in Flex and selected Cairngorm 2.x as a Framework 
for my project, Is it a good idea to go with ? 




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