I do this all the time. My main application is a shell that loads in the app's 
layout and loads the menu's based on a users access level. This app then loads 
whatever module the user is interested in. Each module has all of its 
functionality encapsulated including its required remoting. This is all using 
Flex 3.x (Whatever the latest version is) as I don't have time to port it to 4 

Can you post some code? Flex as well as server would be good. PHP would be even 

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> Hi guys i have some issues concerning modules and remote objects. i have an 
> application that is split into modules and in each i use remote objects to 
> display data from the database. the problem is there is no data being 
> displayed and when i try to use the same code in a single app without using 
> modules, the data is displayed. could someone please help me out here. i 
> really need to use modules because it helps reduce the size of my app.

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