I recently did something like this for Cisco.  They needed a way for a 
sub-Application to invoke a method in another sub-Application, which might not 
be loaded.  The solution was to derive the sub-Applications from a common base 
class and use the main Application as a broker.  The broker listened to 
function invocation request events.  Results of the method calls were made 
available by a custom event that was dispatched by the called method upon 

Here is a clue to how to implement this type of mechanism: the SWFLoader that 
loads a sub-Application has a property called content, which is actually the 
sub-Application's FlexGlobals.topLevelApplication once the sub-Application 

Confused? I created a UML sequence diagram, a static object model diagram and a 
text narrative to document how the mechanism worked.  Anyone else attempting 
something similar is well advised to do the same.


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