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> I am using a 32 bit JDK because as you have guessed FB is not 64 bit capable 
> at this time.

QED You have only 2GB of usable memory.

> It would be more helpful to post complete and working ini files that provide 
> >800M of heap.

One person's ini file that works is probably not going to work on your system. 
It's all dependent on the DLL's that are loaded and where they position 
themselves in memory (They generally have a preferred location). In your case 
you have a loaded DLL (or more) that is/are loaded in memory somewhere inside 
the 2GB that is available. The JVM has determined that there is a contiguous 
800MB of memory and limits you to that.

Someone could post an ini file that works for him/her but they would have 
different DLL's loaded so that ini file will not work for you.

You can either try to unload the various DLL's you have or find some way to 
move their preferred memory location.

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