Correct me if I am wrong but aren't windows of any kind parented by 

The way I do things is to set an event listener in the main application and 
then inject the event into the currently loaded module using an interface.

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> Someone on the Mate forums advocated a way to treat a modal popup as a
> state of a view, where the presentation model has a "modalShown"
> property, and the view observes it using bindSetter.
> This has the nice effect of avoiding the need to pass in
> Application.application to createPopUp, but it's obviously quite a bit
> more work to create the bubbling events and injections. And in the end
> you typically want to center the popup over the whole application,
> rather than some intermediate container.
> So I find myself wondering if there is a cleaner way than
> Application.application to refer to the root context. Follow the
> DisplayObject.parent chain until it's null?

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