I get that On my Windows XP box. It's usually when I have changed multiple 
files and save them one after the other. I have build automatically turned on 
so it compiles after each change. Sometimes that takes a bit longer than normal 
and I get that message. Waiting for a little while usually clears it up.

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> Occasionally something happens to Flash Builder where everytime I save I get
> the dialog,
> "The user operation is waiting for background work to complete". I've tried
> restarting and it doesn't seem to make a difference.
> Usually I end up closing all the editors and all the projects, cleaning them
> and restarting FB and restarting the OS and usually one of those things
> works and sometimes none of them work. I have 8GB of memory and a 2011 mac.
> Is there a way to turn this message off or determine what's causing it?

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