As far as I know that is indeed still the case. The doc 

You use the <mx:HTTPService> tag to represent an HTTPService object in an MXML 
file. When you call the HTTPService object's send() method, it makes an HTTP 
request to the specified URL, and an HTTP response is returned. Optionally, you 
can pass parameters to the specified URL. When you do not go through the 
server-based proxy service, you can use only HTTP GET or POST methods. However, 
when you set the useProxy property to true and you use the server-based proxy 
service, you can also use the HTTP HEAD, OPTIONS, TRACE, and DELETE methods.

In general, unless you can get somewhere some server/proxy control, I have 
found Flex not very useful to talk to a REST like service. Some people have 
reported success by using http://code.google.com/p/as3httpclientlib/ iso the 
Flex provided stuff. Personally I have not tried that. As far as I remember it 
gets tricky as you cannot typically reuse  browser managed http "resources" 
(cookies, cache, ...). 

As it might be of interest to you as well.....besides the limited HTTP verb 
support I have lost numerous hours getting HTTP headers across. That is also a 
non trivial endeavor. 

What eventually worked out best in my case is to just bite the bullet , shove a 
"proxy" in between, and use GET and POST to communicate tunneled "real" HTTP 
requests, that are then transformed and forwarded. That is still not perfect if 
you care about caching and have a need for custom headers, but at least most of 
it is working.

I have always found it a bit ironic that a platform that started it's life as a 
toolset to develop Rich Internet Applications has such limited support for 
"the" internet standard as old as HTTP.

Anyway, hth,


On 20 Aug 2011, at 00:43, handitan wrote:

> Hi all,
> I just would like to get a confirmation.
> Right now, I have to use 3rd party REST APIs in our Flex app.
> A bunch of the REST APIs are using DELETE and PUT method.
> As the title said, they got changed automatically to GET.
> And from what I gather from this forum somebody said this in 2008:
> "It's a limitation of the browser plugin API unfortunately."
> Is this still true in Flash Player 10.3?
> My app is still Flex 3 app with 3.5 SDK.
> I appreciate any input.
> Handi
> @Alex:
> Yes..yes..I am still using Flex 3.

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