I am developing a flex application which talks to a django server via PyAmf.
I am running my server locally for these debugging sessions.

When I run my client side (Flex) application in Chrome (or other browsers)
the django session information works properly. However, when I run the flex
application in the stand alone flash player debugger the session information
does not appear to be stored in the headers properly.

I am just noticing this now as the stand alone flash player worked fine when
I was developing on a PC and I just switched to Mac. I suspect there is some
different header / cookie behavior for the Mac flash player versus the PC.

The code here is pretty simple, to check to see if a user is already

    def isLoggedIn(request):


            return true


            return false

When I poke around in the stack, it is clear django thinks that Anonymous is
logged in for the stand alone player and it recognizes the correct user when
run from the browser.

(Why am I so interested in running the stand alone player? Because text
fields do not accept data on the mac flash debugger version when run in
browsers (really), and I want to debug my client / server interaction.)

Any advice much appreciated!


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