I try to use strongly type to cast my varaible.
But I don't have this type of the varaible in the top application.
I use them in the itemrenderer.

 eztDoctor = data as EztDoctor;
    if( eztDoctor != null ){    // here is always null !!!!
     docName = eztDoctor.DName;
     price = eztDoctor.DFee.toString();
     docTitle = eztDoctor.DTitle;
     docIcon.source = eztDoctor.pic;
package com.frameworks.mvc.model.VO.remoting
 public class EztDoctor{
  public var sex:String;
  public var DLevel:Number;
  public var DStatus:Number;

At 2011-08-25 21:13:43,valdhor <valdhorli...@embarqmail.com> wrote:

That does not look like a Flex class. Is it PureMVC?

I would try what it tells you to do. ie. Define a variable of that type in the 
top level application.

--- inflexcod...@yahoogroups.com, j2me_soul <j2me_soul@...> wrote:
> warning: The class com.frameworks.mvc.model.VO.remoting.EztDept has been used 
> in a call to net.registerClassAlias() in _DepartmentListState_FlexInit. This 
> will cause modules:DepartmentListState to be leaked. To resolve the leak, 
> define com.frameworks.mvc.model.VO.remoting.EztDept in the top-level 
> application.
> How to solve this ?

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