I mean set the useVIrtualLayout to true
<s:List useVirtualLayout="true" />

At 2011-08-29 20:42:50,"claudiu ursica" <the_bran...@yahoo.com> wrote:

What do you mean by " set the visualization to the parent listbase component"?

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Sent: Monday, August 29, 2011 2:34 PM
Subject: Re:Re: [flexcoders] ItemRenderer issue

Thanks for the reply.
If I override the data setter in order to reinit my itemrenderer and set the 
visualization to the parent listbase component
can impove the performance of my code right ?

At 2011-08-29 20:28:55,"claudiu ursica" <the_bran...@yahoo.com> wrote:
You should override the data setter and try to figure out from there what state 
the renderer should be in based on the incomming data. The renderers are 
created by the listbased control that parents them. Depending if you are using 
visualization or not the control will create renderes for each element or not.


From: j2me_soul <j2me_s...@163.com>
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Subject: [flexcoders] ItemRenderer issue

I use the spark list component.I want to set the itemrenderer to the default 
state when the new data is coming.
I try to write the code in the createComplete handler but it only excute one 
time !
And I try to write the same code in the addedToStage and added event handlers
but the result is same ~~
Which is event should I listen to init the itemrenderer ? Or how to recreate 
itemrenderer when new data is coming ?

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