You can. Just build skins that allow you set css styles from cc on them. 


I for one don't want the out of the box skins to be full of css stuff. Just
makes the components needlessly large and messy.


Keep it simple and clean and if you need more css then build skins that
allow you to use css


I know it's a change from what we're used to but I think it actually works
much better



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Behalf Of John Fletcher
Sent: 02 September 2011 12:45
Subject: [flexcoders] Why is CSS replaced by skins in Flex 4.x?



I understand the advantages of skins, they are working pretty well for me.
But what disappoints me is the inability to add some padding on an element,
or change the height of a button, via CSS.


It seems ridiculous to me to create entire skin files just to change some
small aspects of a certain element.


Skins are great, but couldn't we have skins AND CSS? Why are many CSS
properties missing on elements? It would make my code so much more



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