That’s great,
If not
today, then in the next days I’ll write the questions in a new thread with the
mention that the first one (newbie) who is able to answer the questions would 
a Robotlegs Pomodoro Timer. If you’d like to see the questions before I post
them to the forum, I could email them to you. Other than that you could make
sure that the person answering the questions is indeed a newbie, I don’t know
how though..
As for my
application, I used XML files for the Flex app. A database version would be more
appropriate. The AIR version using SQLite is not finished.
The idea
was to have different levels of difficulty and to use the frequently asked
questions as a base to build the questions and answers. I won’t bore you with 
more details
about it, but it would be cool, if such an application (not necessarily mine) 
be part of the Robotlegs platform, and users could take a test online or
download an AIR version and get the questions and answers from a Robotlegs 
server. If users
would have built a set of useful or interesting questions you (the rl bunch) 
approve them and upload them to a robotlegs server. But I guess it is not
possible to have such a robotlegs back-end.
Thank you!


Hi Ondina,
that's a
fine idea!  My feelings are not hurt at all :)
For me, the
rewards are many - between using Robotlegs every day and seeing so many people
further their understanding of software architecture through using it, plus
writing the book has been great fun, and the Robotlegs summit was one of the
best weeks of my life (so far).
Your idea
sounds brilliant - just let me know what else you need me / us to do.
On 5 Sep
2011, at 12:53, Ondina F wrote:

Hi Stray & The Robotlegs bunch(Shaun, Till,
Joel, Robert) & The Users bunch (Michał, Camille, Paul and Krasimir)

Stray, I was very surprised when I got your email! I didn’t expect such a
reward and 
I’m very touched. 
The fact that you thought of us is a very kind and considerate gesture.
That proves once again, that you in particular and “The Robotlegs bunch” in
general are a very ..hmm how should I say it...Let me just use some tags :
exquisite, outstanding,  remarkable, witty and of course cool :)

It’s been 2 years since I started using robotlegs and one of the reasons I
continued using it without hesitations was the fact that you, the bunch behind
robotlegs, have created such an easy-going atmosphere in the community, which
in my eyes is a prerequisite for success when working on any kind of projects
and especially on an open source project. 

Robotlegs Pomodoro Timer is sweet!
I know, it’s bad manners to refuse a gift, and it would be the last thing in my
mind to hurt your feelings!
To me just the idea of you thinking of me is rewarding and gratifying enough. 
glad that you let me contribute to your project, even if me answering some
questions on the forum is just a little contribution compared to the utilities
and tutorials written by other users and even more insignificant compared to
your (Stray & the robotlegs bunch) work. Who is rewarding you? ;-)

So, if you don’t mind, I would give my Robotlegs Pomodoro Timer to someone
else. I thought of giving it to a newbie who would answer some questions on the
tender forum. The questions are part of a robotlegs-quiz application that I
made last year, that was meant to be a robotlegs demo, but I’ve never found the
time to refine it so it could be shown. But at least the questions could be
If you think that’s not a good idea, then you could suggest who should get my
Thank you again for thinking of me.

You all rock!! But Stray is the Superhero of this year ;-)


From:Stray <>
Michał Wróblewski <>;;
Cc: Shaun Smith <>; "joelhooks@gmail.comHooks" 
<>; Till Schneidereit <>; Robert
Penner <>
Sent: Saturday, September 3, 2011 5:30 PM
Subject: Thank you for looking after your Robotlegs peers!

Hey Michał, Ondina, Camille, Paul and Krasimir,

You've all done great stuff on the Robotlegs tender this past several months
(and years!) - and we wanted to give you a little something to say thanks for
the generosity with which you all give your time.

It's a Robotlegs Pomodoro Timer (also works for baking cakes) - you can see a
picture here:

I'll need your postal address to get them to you - if you could let me know
what that is, I'll pop them in the post.

If you are coming to Flash on the Beach then even better - I can give them to
you there!

Thanks again - we'll be sharing all our exciting news about Robotlegs 2 on
Monday the 12th September - I'll email you all with a link as soon as it goes


Stray / The Robotlegs bunch

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