You can actually use the module unload and load of the module loader class on a 
single event.
In the vent handler of the click you just figure out the child element of the 
module loader class and if it is not null just unload it and continue to load 
the module of choice in the newt line in the same function. It works!

Skinning with modules: You are having the whole of skinning within the module 
compiled swf, so I believe on on unload everything is reset. basically it don't 
exist from a VM stand point of view.
Best Regards,
Venkat Maddali. 

>From: Matrix <>
>Sent: Monday, September 5, 2011 12:33 AM
>Subject: [flexcoders] Module Structuring
>i'm working on a small project.
>i have three modules and i'm loading and unloading them in my mail application.
>in one module i've to load and unload other two modules also.
>how can i load and unload module by one button click event.
>also i want to know how to hide the skinning effects of other modules while 
>they are loaded into one module.

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