I hav used commitProperties() in the past. Although some people will use commitProperties to call createChildren() if new children are needed to be created.

However, I'd be cautious about creating children based on the update_complete event. It seems like an unnecessary way to force yet another full render of the component..

On 9/6/2011 5:28 AM, Nick Middleweek wrote:

I've been trying to find the correct 'place' to create new components after the parent component is UPDATE_COMPLETE.

During initialisation, we create child components in *createChildren()* but where/ when should we create them for e.g. in response to a mouseOver or a mouseClick event?

Is it simply 'ok' to *this.addChild( *myNewButton *)* in a MOUSE_EVENT function handler or should I be setting some dirty flag to trigger off an invalidation and then add the button in a lifecycle override function?


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