Boy, this is sure hard to find any information on! Nothing I've tried seems to 
work and when I google for "TitleWindow Resize" I just get lots of custom 
versions of the TitleWindow with resize handles, which is definitely not what I 
want. I need it to automatically size as the content inside of it expands past 
the viewable area.

Mary Jo 

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> > I have a TitleWindow popup with a form that allows user to add additional 
> > rows to the form. Each "row" is a two-line set of elements with a HGroup 
> > nested inside a VGroup. I have the form inside a Scroller component but it 
> > doesn't seem to be able to detect when the form grows to the point of 
> > needing scrolling, the scrollbar stays disabled, even if explicitly set to 
> > be on. I do run a method when adding rows that calls an invalidateSize() 
> > followed by a validateNow() on the TitleWindow but that doesn't seem to fix 
> > the issue. Any ideas? 
> > 
> > 
> > --- Mary Jo
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