Interesting idea, I'll look into it. I'm using Flex 4.13 currently.

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#yiv2071966122 #yiv2071966122 -- #yiv2071966122 
 solid black;height:62px;width:62px;}#yiv2071966122 
div.yiv2071966122photo-title a, #yiv2071966122 div.yiv2071966122photo-title 
a:active, #yiv2071966122 div.yiv2071966122photo-title a:hover, #yiv2071966122 
div.yiv2071966122photo-title a:visited {text-decoration:none;}#yiv2071966122 
div.yiv2071966122attach-table div.yiv2071966122attach-row 
{clear:both;}#yiv2071966122 div.yiv2071966122attach-table 
div.yiv2071966122attach-row div {float:left;}#yiv2071966122 p 
{clear:both;padding:15px 0 3px 0;overflow:hidden;}#yiv2071966122 
div.yiv2071966122ygrp-file {width:30px;}#yiv2071966122 
div.yiv2071966122attach-table div.yiv2071966122attach-row div div a 
{text-decoration:none;}#yiv2071966122 div.yiv2071966122attach-table 
div.yiv2071966122attach-row div div span {font-weight:normal;}#yiv2071966122 
div.yiv2071966122ygrp-file-title {font-weight:bold;}#yiv2071966122 

I think if each window loads a module, that module gets its own styles.  You 
might need Flex 4.6 or later for that to work.

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Subject: [flexcoders] CSSStyleDeclaration in AIR app Windows

 I'm developing a multi-window Flex/AIR desktop app.
I would very much like to be able to change CSSStyleDeclarations on a 
per-window basis. It seems that if I do:
var decl:CSSStyleDeclaration = 
The style change affects all WidgetClassName instances across all windows.
Is there some other means of accomplishing what I'm trying to accomplish? It 
would have to work with non-inheriting styles also.


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