You are missing  the auth-method setting, for example:





In your flex installation, under resources\security\examples there are samples for using flex with authentication. Please look at the readme.txt for configuration , and addingusers.txt for how to add users for different app server.



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I have been struggling with Authentication of the remote object service on Websphere 6.0. This is the first time I am doing this configuration so not sure what I am doing wrong. I will list what steps I did so far.


-- Flex-config.xml



  <object name="responsibilityAssignmentDelegate">












-- Web.xml





                        <web-resource-name>Protected Page</web-resource-name>

                        <description>Test with J2EE</description>















In Websphere I am using custom user registry and Global Authentication is enabled. I can login to Websphere Admin Console using my user/pwd, but can’t get authenticated if I try from flex login.


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