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You have to use a proxy, not Flex, but any proxy.  The Flash Player is a 
client-side technology, and as such, it can only retreive data from sources 
within it's domain.  So, if the XML you are looking for is outside your 
site, no dice without a proxy.

I use PHP, for example, to hit  It has gzipped XML files on 
it's site, and wants to use that data.

PHP grabs the xml feed, unzips it, and sends it to Flex when Flex requests 
it.  Since PHP is server-side, and not bound by any domain sandbox, I'm good 
to go.

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Subject: [flexcoders] HTTPService useProxy question...

Anyone bypass the flex proxy with useProxy="false"?  I have a flex app
that currently uses the server as a proxy but we want to bypass the
flex server and go directly to the source HTTP post/request.

For example, one source is an RSS feed that will come up in a browser
but is an XML file.  When I use HTTPService and hit that with the
default settings (i.e. Flex Proxy) it works.  As soon as I turn that
off (i.e. useProxy="false") it says that it cannot retrieve data!

I am looking to see what I need to do...I did see this in the manual:

Note: You must use the Flex proxy to correctly return HTTP status
codes from a service.

Is this my issue?  The direct hit on the .rdf (i.e. XML) file does not
return status codes?!  Is that possible?



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