Yes.  I wrote a socket server in VB.Net that talked to a Flex app.  It
was years ago but I'll send you the code if you like.


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I am not sure myself about my question :).
First, can Flex be listening to a socket that is created within 
any program? I mean, if a vb program creates a socket using 
Winsock will Flex be able to listen to such socket?
Second, if yes, how would data actually be transfered?


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, Guy Morton <g...@...> wrote:
> Well...nothing would, normally. You'd have to set up a server to 
> to you on that socket, develop a protocol for conversing over 
> socket, etc.
> An XML socket is just a pipe to communicate over. Unlike normal 
> requests which encapsulate the http conversation so you don't 
see it, 
> a raw XML socket requires you to define what messages are going 
to be 
> sent by whom and what those messages mean.
> Does that help, or have I misunderstood your question?
> Guy
> On 14/02/2009, at 10:50 PM, markgoldin_2000 wrote:
> > I am trying to understand how socket communications work in 
> > This code will connect to a port 8080 on a local computer:
> >
> > var xmlsock:XMLSocket = new XMLSocket();
> > xmlsock.connect("", 8080);
> >
> > But what I dont understand is what would be sending data to 
> > port?
> >
> > Thanks
> >
> >
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