I'm trying to create a RemoteObject singleton class which I can reference
throughout my project, and make simple calls to the serverside code using

The singleton extends RemoteObject, but I am having trouble passing
arguments across. I'd like to be able to call the RemoteObject class like

var _rm:RemotingManager = RemotingManager.getInstance();
_rm.addEventListener(ResultEvent.RESULT, onGetPage, false, 0, true);
_rm.call(<destination>, <method>, <arguments>); 

My question is simple, or at least I hope it is... is there a away to pass
arguments to the RemoteObject class which are NOT typed as Array? The
RemoteObject.arguments property expects an object, but if I pass it an
object Charles is reporting a null response which is really strange.

How can I improve my singleton to make it a little bit more flexible when
working with arguments like this?

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