Currently an app I'm working on has a traditional two-column set of lists - on 
the left our unassigned items, on the right the assigned ones.  Flex allows you 
to drag features from one to the other, and these datasets are bound, so it's 
all handled internally, but unfortunately Flex/Air also allow a user to 
ctrl-drag - which copies the data.  If the user does this, they end up with the 
data in both lists, which we don't want possible.

If we're to leave dragging in, the ability to copy needs to be removed.  We 
also want the drag icon to be displayed correctly in any solution.

I can see a few ways to tackle this.
1.  Disable dragging altogether.
2.  Intercept the drop event/dragComplete and if the copy modifier is set, 
remove those elements from the source list.  However, this won't change the 
cursor icon to only be 'move' (ie, it'll still be a 'copy' cursor, usually with 
a +), so doesn't really meet the requirements.
3.  Ideally I'd like to just disable the copy function - but I can't find a way 
of doing this.

Can anyone suggest how this can be done?  Would this need to be done manually 
with a mouseMoveHandler wrapping a DragSource instead?


Tim Rowe
Software Engineer Ltd

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