Got it.  Ctrl+drag.  Duh.

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> Hey folks, I need some guidance/solution to a Drag and Drop scenario...
> I have a list and a grid. You can drag and drop from the grid to the
> list, and you can drag and drop within the grid to change the sort
> However, If you drag and drop within the grid it does an automatic copy
> instead of a move (sort) which is what I want. So, I tried
> dragMoveEnabled="true" which works nicely within the grid, but then it's
> also moved and not copied to the list.
> Anyone have guidance on how to have DnD within a grid be a move AND also
> have DnD from the grid to the list be a copy?
> It would seem like there is a way.
> Thanks in advance to all who help!
> Dave

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