Ack!  I stand corrected - had to go back and look at my code - it is 
the TileList that has the rowCount behavior that I don't like.  I 
have An accordion where each panel is a canvas that contains a 

So it's the TileList that I need to have look differently.  I think 
the default rowCount is 4 for a TileList.  I'd rather have it show X 
pixels worth of info instead.

Sorry for the confusion.

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> I don't think I have ever set rowCount with Accordion, and have 
> seen the problem you describe.  What happens if you do not set it?
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> Subject: [flexcoders] Accordion problem - rowCount/scrollbar
> Is there a way to essentially disable the rowCount property of an 
> accordion and just have it show as much content (including partial 
> rows) in the vertical space that is available? I'm finding that if 
> set a rowCount which takes up less space than the expanded section 
> available I get an annoying thin gray bounding box and the scroll 
> only extends down that far. I have dead space below that before the 
> collapsed accordion headers are displayed. If I set my rowCount to 
> large enough to take up more space than there is my scrollbar is 
> screwed up - there's no slider or up/down arrow visible.
> Does this make sense? I really want to specify no rowCount and have 
> show as much as possible based on the height available. (I need to 
> the height of the overall accordion component to fit the design 

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