I am trying to crop image in different different shape,
for this , I am trying to use the technique of masking

here is what i am trying to do
function drawBMP(): void {

                    var bd:BitmapData = new
BitmapData(maskedImage.width, maskedImage.height, true, 0);
                    bd.draw(maskedImage); target.source = new Bitmap(bd);

    <mx:Image  alpha=".3"  source="small.jpg"  >

                <flash.filters:BlurFilter     blurX="20"  blurY="20"/>


         <mx:Image     id="maskedImage" mask="{topMask}"

      <!--the image mask-->
           <mx:HBox id="topMask" height="100" width="100"
borderStyle="solid" backgroundColor="#ffffff"/>

<mx:Button click="drawBMP()" x="1260" y="184"/>

It works when  we set x, y of the images to 0,0... it gets screwed up when u
increase the x and y of the image..
its because of masking.. can any body please suggest me the solution

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