I think I have it close using:

accordion.height - (accordion.numChildren * accordion_header_height)

What I'm finding though is that the calculation comes in roughly 3 
pixels too short.  If I use the result of the above for my TileList 
hight (the element that I'm placing in the accordion container) I 
still get some wasted space at the bottom.  For the moment I'm just 
adding in a "fudge" constant of 3 pixels to make it look right.  
Could this discrepancy be the result of padding somewhere?

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> child's height or width can be specified percent wise
> width="100%"
> myComponent.percentWidth = 100;
> but if you have to you have to
> quote : headerHeight="depends on header font styles" =>
> Number(myAccordion.getStyle('headerHeight'))

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