Those traces tell me it should be working, that the embedded app is ready
when the host app attempts to communicate with it.





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I just did a quick trace test, and the messages were written to the console
in the following order:

1) SWFLoader load complete (registers listener for app complete)
2) embedded application creation complete handler
3) embedded application app complete handler
4) host app handler for embedded app app complete

So presumably if one is setting parameters in 4) they can't be read in 3)...

Tracy, are you following the recipe here (2nd answer)?


Seems to me this could only work if the loaded app is not accessing the
parameters until some subsequent user gesture.

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It was on creation complete. 


On Tue, Mar 3, 2009 at 11:17 AM, Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.
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Not sure when  you tried the code that didn't work, but application is not
available right away


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Thanks for the example, Amy. I was able to do this (on application complete
in the host):

                                    loadedApp = as
                                    loadedApp["configid"] = "Default";

and see the value in the loaded application. 
public function set configid(id:String):void {
                this.config_id = id;

I was also able to pass a parameter in the url, and access it in the loaded
app's creationComplete via

this.parameters["config_id"] (not

But I have not been able to get this to work:

                                    loadedApp = as
                                    if(!loadedApp) throw new Error();
                                    loadedApp.parameters["config_id"] =

Loaded app's onCreationComplete()

                 this.config_id =

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> I'm experimenting with loading sub applications using SWFLoader. I've 
> numerous posts about this, but for the life of me can't figure out 
how to
> pass flashvars to the sub application. In particular, the technique
> described here (the second one) doesn't work for me
> http://stackoverflo
> Surely there's a definitive way to do this?

Have you thought about just setting up getters and setters on your base 
class and calling those? This doesn't use getters and setters, but a 
getter or setter is just a function, so you can see how it would work:





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