I would create a custom component that has all of the features of the milestone 
encapsulated. ie. The plus button, the label, the datagrid, the add and remove 
tasks buttons etc.

I would also have a custom component comprising of the datagrid and its sub 

All you would need to do when someone clicks the add milestone button is to 
create a new instance of the custom component and add it to the display list.

--- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, Angelo Anolin <angelo_ano...@...> wrote:
> Hi FlexCoders,
> I came across a Flex PM site and I would like to ask what are the necessary 
> controls / things I need to do to achieve the same application.
> The site's page is:
> http://www.radscientist.com/flexpm/demo/index.html
> I am having problems re-creating those items which expands when the plus sign 
> is 
> clicked as well as adding new items when the Add Milestone button is clicked. 
>  How do I achieve adding controls on the fly on the application?
> I hope you could provide some guidance on this.
> Thanks.
> Angelo

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