I am assuming that you are on Flash Builder 4 Premium as you have the FlexUnit 
result view. If that is not the case, let me know.

Open the FlexUnitApplication.mxml, which is one of the two files that Adobe's 
plugin generates on your behalf.

There should be a function which specifies which tests are going to be run... 
sounds like that is fine as you are hitting breakpoints, but double check. Then 
look at the line that calls runWithFlexUnit4Runner(). It should pass in the 
name of your project as a string. Make sure that is the case and it is correct.

Finally, if none of this helps, post this whole file for me.


--- In, "napearson99" <napearso...@...> wrote:
> I have a flex 4 air project and I've set up a class with a simple method, a 
> test class and a test suit class.
> When I try to run my test cases nothing shows up in the FlexUnit results in 
> the bottom.  I can get break points to hit in my test class, so I know it's 
> hitting.
> I also have an assert statement in my class.  
> I've spent about 3 hours on this googling around.  I must be missing 
> something simple.
> Any ideas? Thanks!
> -Nate

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