The question you have to ask is how long will HTML5 be supported before HTML6-8 
takes over the browser, also it looks like not all implementations of HTML are 
the same, so more browser supported third party javascript addons to handle the 
multitude of html5 workarounds...

Flex is a fun language to code in and when it life is over it will create a 
vacuum for the next best application development environment, but by that time 
hopefully there will be direct connects to the brain for application 
development and some of the best development done while we sleep.


--- In, Wesley Acheson <wesley.ache...@...> wrote:
> Hi,
> One of our clients is expressing concerns over the over all lifespan of
> flex.
> Some of his specific worries are to do with the way flash isn't allowed on
> certain apple mobile devices and the initial implementations of HTML5 which
> is obviously backed by the W3C.  Their concern is that flex won't be a
> supported product 5 years down the line and/or the changes in browser
> technology by that point will render flash obsolete.
> Have any studies been done about the long term feasibility of flex?  Are
> Adobe commited to a long term existence of the product? Is there any public
> evidence of large firms using it successfully?
> Regards,
> Wesley Acheson

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