I've got a parent component that contains a child panel that contains a
popup window.  When the user enters the information and submits, I want
to notify the top parent that a change has been made to refresh the
other components.




In the popup window component I have:


[CDATA ...[


public static const REFRESHEVENT:String = "refreshItems";


protected function validateInput():int


      var refreshScreen:Event = new Event( REFRESHEVENT, true, true );


... validate code


      dispatchEvent( refreshScreen );




That should bubble all the way up now...



In the grandparent component I have:




addEventListener( NewReservation.REFRESHEVENT, testevent );



private function testevent():void


      Alert.show("heard it");




Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this?  I can't seem to find anything in
the debugger to watch this...




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