Hi ,
Is there any RSL setting for this app?
if yes what is it?

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On 1 September 2010 11:31, ZIONIST <stinas...@yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hi guys i recently developed a website flex for a client and was asked to
> make it editable. so i developed a content management system in flex so that
> my client could be able to edit the content on the site. i uploaded the main
> site onto a shared server of my hosting company in the wwwroot folder and i
> created another folder within the wwwroot folder called admin where i put
> the administrative site. here is the problem, the main site can be accessed
> using this url http://www.afriquesuites.com and when i try accessing the
> admin site i use
> http://www.afriquesuites.com/admin/afriquesuitesAdmin.html which does not
> load the page. My question is how to access the admin site.

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