I have been trying to code an android app in java and decided to take a look at 
air; I've read some things and need to be clarified about a few items:

1) does the android phone need to have some sort of 'air' installed on it?  It 
seems as if compiling makes a regular .apk but I've also read that there was 
something necessary on a phone...

2) Flex 4 can or can't create the necessary projects? Awhile back it was 
necessary to start with a flash project but unsure where that stands now.

3) does an android / air app have all the same framework intents that a java 
app would? For example, I'm dealing specifically with something that works with 
Alarm Manager; I'd normally set up an intent that would repond to my 
Alarmmanager setup, and it would respond when fired; air projects work the same 

Appreciate any quick answers; as these things sometimes go am under the gun 
with multiple projects.


Garry Schafer
portfolio: www.grimmwerks.com/

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