Hi All

I've got a minor problem with doing an itemrenderer layout.

I've got an itemrenderer which renders master categories, each of these
master categories then renders a list. My problem comes in with the list and
more specifically it's titles, I'd like to to be dynamic in the sense that
I'd like the items in the list to take up the entire width of the browser.
In order for the layout to be dynamic I'm using the width percentage of the
containing movieclip to set the positioning (width = "{this.width * .2}")

The problem is that even though the list and it's parent movieclip are the
same size they don't seem to be getting the same value. And therefore my
list items aren't lining up with their title.

Each list has a bunch of titles/descriptors for each item in the list then
the actual item renderer, like this:

<s:Group id="catsGroup" width="100%" height="100%" >
 <view:ListHairlineTileBlack left="11" right="11" top="0" alpha=".05"
rotation="180" />
 <s:Group left="80" right="74" top="-25" >
<s:Label  text="Accounts" left="0" />
 <s:Label  text="Last Update" left="{this.width * .2}" />
<s:Label  text="Balance" left="{this.width * .4}"/>
 <s:Label  text="Available" left="{this.width * .6}" />
<s:Label  text="Overdraft Limit" left="{this.width * .8}" />
         <components:ListColumn id="lcActualPlannedColumn"
   left="80" right="74" >
data="{data}" textRollOverColour="{outerDocument.textRollOverColour}" />

inside the code for the list item:

        <s:Label id="lblCol1" text="{detail.accounts}"  alpha=".8"
left="0" color="white"  />
 <s:Label  text="{detail.lastUpdate}"  left="{this.width * .2}" />
 <s:Label  text="{detail.balance}" left="{this.width * .4}" />
<s:Label  text="{detail.available}" left="{this.width * .6}" />
 <s:Label  text="{detail.overdraft}" left="{this.width * .8}" />

does anyone have an suggestion on how I can achieve this layout?



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