I explained in the previous reply.  Everything has a cost, and we chose not to 
pack asset loading and positioning into the background of every container.  It 
is pretty straightforward to add it in a custom skin for the few containers 
that need it.

On 8/22/11 10:16 PM, "The Real Napster" <myad...@gmail.com> wrote:

Hello Alex,

Thanks for the note. I am wondering why new release build of flex/spark does't 
have this feature? Its up to user whether to use it or not. Background on 
components is the basic requirement of many clients now a days.
Hope in future adobe will implement/add this feature. Thanks for the reply Alex.


On Tue, Aug 23, 2011 at 10:05 AM, Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com> wrote:

Jerry, the spark theme doesn’t support backgroundImage.  Every capability has a 
cost, and we chose not to make the container backgrounds as heavy as the Halo 
theme.  It doesn’t matter how many lines of code are in the skin if it doesn’t 
include the logic to load and position images.

On 8/22/11 7:27 AM, "Davidson, Jerry" <jerry.david...@illinois.gov 
<http://jerry.david...@illinois.gov> > wrote:

I tried both BorderContainer and Panel, but neither would display an image.  I 
can get the background color to change, but not add an image.

Perhaps a skin will work, but I can’t get it to work so far.  I’ve replaced the 
two lines of CSS with the default class “panel skin” which is over 300 lines 
long, includes three overrides and other methods and still doesn’t seem to have 
an ability to add an image.

Who would have guessed a simple image would bring Flex to its knees?

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Instead of using mx:Canvas try using s:BorderContainer.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<s:Application xmlns:fx="http://ns.adobe.com/mxml/2009";

<http://ns.adobe.com/flex/spark> "

        xmlns:mx="library://ns.adobe.com/flex/mx <http://ns.adobe.com/flex/mx> 




           color: #DEDACF;

           contentBackgroundColor: #DEDACF;

           backgroundImage: Embed(BannerBackground.jpg);

           backgroundImageFillMode: repeat;



   <s:BorderContainer width="100%" height="600" styleName="bgImage">

       <s:Label text="CSS Background test" />



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