If I have multiple records in the response I get an ArrayCollection
however if I have only 1 record I get an ObjectProxy.  I'm not sure if
specifying the resultFormat would resolve this and if so, which format
is appropriate.  I typically map the results to an ArrayCollection which
is the dataProvider for a datagrid.


Perhaps I should just map the datagrid .dataProvider to the


Any suggestions or experience with this.  My code is below:



<mx:HTTPService id="QueryService"
result="QueryService_resultHandler(event)" />


protected function QueryService_resultHandler(event:ResultEvent):void

try {     GridDataArray = event.result.resultset.record;

}catch (e:*) {  GridDataArray = new ArrayCollection();      }

mydatagrid.dataProvider = GridDataArray;



---------------------------------- results with std xml header removed


            <record order__therapy="OT" name="Landers, Ivee"
time__id="3"  time__label="08:00"   id="3" order__resident__payor="3"/>




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