I was trying to build a component that would dynamically add NavigatorContent 
as children to an Accordion based on how many items were in an ArrayCollection. 
 That worked I got the expected number of accordion tabs labeled correctly.  I 
now want to add a DataGrid to each NavigatorContent.

When I set a break point I do not see a reference to the NavigatorContent by 
the id that I set when they were added to the Accordion or anywhere in the 

How can I work with the DataGrid and set its DataProvider, etc?

I will want to work with data in the DataGrid - crud

I was trying to mimic what I had done using JQueryMobile with header tag and 
queries return to the cfm page.  They have a collapsible content block that 
worked well on the small screen, but I need to be able to do more when a larger 
screen is available.

Any suggestion?

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