I want to create a line chart in Flex.  I know how to create a simple one but 
the one I need to create needs to have 6 series (lines). 
The problem is that when I get the data from MYSQL, there is 6 xFields (one for 
each line) that are the same. eg.  Western Cape - January, Western Cape - 
February, Western Cape - March, etc (for 6 months).
That means that instead of there being only 9 xfields (province (south african 
provinces)), there is now 54 of them because they are being populated with all 
the values and not the unique ones.   The same thing will happen with the line 
series becuase the line series will have 6 of the January's, 6 of the 
February's and so on.
I just want to have 9 xfields and not 54 and 6 months and not 9 of each.
Is there a way to solve this please? 

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