I don’t know why passing in echoEvent wouldn’t work.  What error did you get?

Another options are to pass in a third parameter as the object for use in call 
or apply.

You can theoretically do this as well in the constructor of the class:
Public function MyClassConstructor()
    var thisObject:Object = this;
    echoOrderCacheEvent = function(jstr:String):void{
        trace(thisObject);  // use ‘thisObject’ instead of ‘this’

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OK I don't mean to make this a bit convoluted - but I guess the basics of the 
question is regarding using anonymous functions within a member class and being 
able to set variables within that member class.

The convoluted question is this:  I've got in my app an Interface class that 
has pointers to scala/java functions and are passed in callbacks like so:

function echoOrderEvent(callback:Function):void ;

function echoOrderCacheEvent(callback:Function,extension:Object):void ;
                                                                &n! bsp;

Now in my class I create vars as functions for callbacks like so:

private var echoOrderCacheEvent:Function = function(jstr:String):void{
Alert.show("GOT ORDER EVENT ");

I set up the call back to this function as such:

interfaceClass.echoOrderCacheEvent(echoOrderCacheEvent, {correlationId: 
 ! ;
Now, this works great except in the anonymous function I don't have any access 
to the public or private member vars of the class - only of course if I make 
the vars static, which is not what I want to do.

What I *can't* figure out is how to make the callback a regular member function 
such as:

public function echoEvent(str:String):void{
blah blah

And have that work with the interface class -- as 
interfaceClass.echoOrderCacheEvent(echoEvent, {correlationId: sessionId}) won't 
work; what I was thinking was perhaps .call or .apply methods but not sure how 
best to use them here...

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