I have a TextInput control in my form that is required only when a 
RadioButtonGroup has a certain selected value.  There is a RegExpValidator 
defined that is tied to the TextInput source property.

Here's the validator:

<mx:RegExpValidator id="employeeEmailValidator" source="{formEmail}" 
property="text" flags="g" expression="{emailRegex}"                        
noMatchError="Invalid Email Address format" 
required="{formNoticesGroup.selectedValue == 'yes'}"/>

With the radio button set so that the field is required, I can focus in and 
then focus out of the TextInput and I get the red box border.  But if I go 
change the radio button selection so that the field isn't required, the red box 
remains and I still see the toolTip indicating that the field is required.  
It's not until I focus in and focus out of the TextInput again that I see that 
styling go away.

I tried putting the following into the RadioButton definition:  
change="{employeeEmailValidator.validate();}" but it didn't seem to help.

I would think that binding the required property of the RegExpValidator would 
be enough, but it's not changing the apparent required indicator until the 
TextInput gains and loses focus (which I assume triggers the default 
valueCommit event).

Any thoughts on what I can do?  When I save the form the validator works OK and 
I don't have any issues if it isn't required, but the user is still going to 
get confused when filling out the form.

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