For the life of me I can't get the button label text to be white when I roll 
over the button in an Alert control (Flex 4).  I have a custom button skin for 
all the buttons in my app and the white color for the labelDisplay part works 
just fine in all states.  But when I use that skin for buttons on an Alert 
control - the label changes to black on rollover.

Here's part of my app CSS:

.myButton {
        chromeColor: #e68d00;
        color: #ffffff;
        font-weight: bold;
        skinClass: ClassReference("assets.skins.CustomButtonSkin");
        emphasizedSkin: ClassReference("assets.skins.CustomButtonSkin");
        overSkin: ClassReference("assets.skins.CustomButtonSkin");
        downSkin: ClassReference("assets.skins.CustomButtonSkin");
        disabledSkin: ClassReference("assets.skins.CustomButtonSkin");

mx|Alert {
        buttonStyleName: myButton;

I even went into the CustomButtonSkin.mxml and hardcoded the color attribute of 
the labelDisplay spark label to 0xFFFFFF.  Didn't help.

I'd really love to get the Alert buttons matching the rest of my app buttons.  
They are except for the rollover color of the label.  

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