Hey guys,

this is my first post, I tried searching for the issue but came up with no 
matches, so I hope it won't be a duplicate.

So what I want to do is this: have a DataGrid that has all its column's width 
set to the greatest of these 2 values: its typicalItem's width (which without 
specified is the dataProvider's first item) or the headerText's width so that 
the headerText will not get cut off.
Currently the problem is that if the typicalitem's width is smaller than the 
headerText than the headerText is cut off, but I don't want that, I want 
headerText to be fully displayed in all of my columns.

What I can do is set the minWidth on each of the columns manually so that the 
headerText will surely not get cut off. This works perfectly but its a lot of 
pain to do that by hand. So my question is is there a method or quick fix to 
prevent headerText to be cut off? One solution that I think could work is to 
determine the width that's required by the headerText and set minWidth to that 
for that column. 


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