Are you perhaps confusing the versions of Flash Buidler and Flex?

The Flash Builder Application is at 4.5.0.x

The Flex SDK is at 4.5.1

You can download Flex SDK builds at

Adobe packages the two items above and calls it Flash Builder 4.5.1

--- In, Kevin MacDonald <kevinmacdonald@...> wrote:
> If I launch Flash Builder and go to Help --> About I see Flash Builder
> version, not 4.5.1. I have run all available software updates.
> I called Adobe and they said there is no FB 4.5.1. Yet, there is this
> Release Notes page on the adobe site.
> However, I am unable to find
> a place where I can download 4.5.1.
> Anyone know what's up? Am I missing something?
> Kevin

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