I'm using Flex 4.1 with a django backend.  Django provides a really
useful HTML error traceback when it fails.  Currently I then have to
manually insert the offending url into the browser url to see the error
details when debugging.  That's a pain.   I would like to subclass
HttpService to provide a generic automatic solution, but I'm having


My typical pattern is

Var parms:Object = new Object()



MyHttpService.url = "http://yadda.yadda.yadda/root/function";



When the faultHandler is called I would like to do something like this

navigateToURL( new URLRequest(
Configure.getServer()+'getpdf?id='+parms.id+"&resid="+parms.resid ) ); 


but I cannot find a way to get the parms back from the HttpService in
order to create the URLRequest string.  I've tried the
MyHttpService.request object but that "appears" to be empty.  It won't
expand in debugger view and a for loop does not iterate through it.


Can anyone offer a suggestion?





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