You cant send raw binaries via a http api 
two things i suggest you may do

1) convert your binary data  to hexadecimal (hex) Xters at the server site  and 
send it across the web as hex data then reconvert your  hex data to binaries on 
the browser.

2) Save the image on a path on the server, obtain the url to the path of the 
    return the url with httpservice (as a string offcourse) and set as 
imagepath to your image control.  

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Subject: [flexcoders] HTTPService post to return an image?
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      Is it possible to return an image object using HTTPService?

The fault method executes when I attempt to do this:

var http:HTTPService = new HTTPService();

    http.url = "myScript.ashx";

    http.method = "POST";

    http.resultFormat = "object";

Should URLLoader be used instead?






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