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> Hi All
> I'm continually running into this problem. When I debug my code flash
> builder intermittently show's me the previous build. It's super frustrating
> because you make a complex logic change to your code and then it doesn't
> work and you never know if it's that the code is wrong or flash builder
> just screwed up and is showing you the previous version.

This used to happen to me all the time, and it still does occasionally. I am on 
Mac Snow Leopard, and I use other editors on the same files, which Eclipse 
fails to realise. I remember looking into it and it seems to be a common 
Eclipse problem based on the fact that Eclipse has its own virtual filesystem 
eg. it can work on files that only exist in memory. It also does not use the OS 
file change notification (perhaps it does on Windows and not Mac - not sure).
I do know that it never happens with JetBrains IDEA.

To stop it I am constantly doing the following when I know files have changed 
outside Eclipse, and I need to build the latest :
1) Right click on the project and select Refresh
2) Select Project->Clean... from the menu

This does a complete build of everything from the latest source.



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