Working on a home owners association site.  I am uploading a pet picture, it is 
getting to the server, being processed, I am changing the name to reference the 
residence and the pet.  In the tab for pets I have a spark image and I use the 
source property and relative paths to the image.  Once an image is uploaded, if 
someone would want to change it in the same session the picture uploads and 
changes on the server but the image does not change particularly if you use IE. 
 After a successful upload I have tried setting the source to null, to a 
default blank image until the user picks a pet in a datagrid.  If I clear the 
browser cache in IE it will change but that is about it.  Firefox works well - 
change the image and it will show the new image.  Most of the residents will 
probably have IE, I am hosted on a ColdFusion server and have added cfheader 
tags on my local box but that makes no difference either.

Any suggestions are welcome.



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