Actually, I'm sure he's talking about the "required" attribute creating a red 
border (not a focus border) because the field doesn't have a value in it just 

The Focus border is something entirely different.

--- In, "Khanh" <khanh4all@...> wrote:
> It's a focus border.
> Usually, it's blue. I'm not sure how it's red in your case!
> You can change the color following this example.
> Thanks to Peter Dehaan for his great tip.
> OR you can hide this by using the property: focusAlpha
> <mx:TextInput id="txtInput" focusAlpha="0"/>
> Good luck.
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> >
> > When I display my Form elements (TextInput, Combox, etc) the red error
> > border is shown right away before the user even types into it. Why is this
> > happening? How can I prevent it from showing a red error border when it's
> > first displayed?
> >

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